Become a Partner

Botas Cebu is a "must have" iconic product for your retail store. Due to our well-recognized brand associated with comfort work boots, customers who work in tough environments consistently choose our products.

Becoming a local distributor is easy:

  1. Contact our regional sales representative
  2. Invest in the initial inventory selecting 10-20 of our product lines
  3. Keep your inventory always available through our automatic reorder system

You will duplicate the value of your initial investment in 12 months by selling at least 20 pairs per month.


Regional Sales Representative

Contact Info

Houston (TX) Patricia Montoya
New Mexico, Oklahoma , Arkansas, West Texas Mario Triana
Colorado Armando Rangel
California, Arizona, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Nevada Celso Lopez
Los Angeles (CA) Jose Bedoy
Florida, Georgia, East, and North East Juan Dominguez
Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky Angel Zea
Dallas, Fort Worth Sandro Ramos